Jay McK

Jay McK

I had the unexpected pleasure of photographing Jay in my downtown McKinney studio before he headed out on tour. When he contacted me and told me he wanted photos with his bass, I asked if it was stand up or electric. He assumed I had musical knowledge. I did let him know that was not accurate but I did play in a band for a month in my college days (insert laughing emoticon here). Hence our artistic relationship began . . .

Hats off to 2018

January in Texas, who would have thought we needed to bundle up ourselves . . . and our pipes! While the weather may be chilly outside, our studio space provided the perfect local to combine forces with and photograph some of her made to order hats. If you are looking for a reason to celebrate in 2018, one of these hats may be it.

I love hats and I look great in them. There, I said it. So it is no wonder that Jenny from Bay Willow Design and I see each other often. Jenny needed some product photography to showcase some of her standards, This allows people to find their unicorn. Working alongside Glam by Cass Marie, we were able to capture our model in various hats, evoking different emotions and leaving us to find worthy outfits to compliment the hats.

The start of a new year always seems to make us reflect on things that we want to expand upon from the previous year. Things we did well, thing we need to do better. It also is a great time to refresh those images on your website or e-commerce storefront. With our conveniently located studio we invite you to contact us for new product images to keep your brand fresh and relative as we say cheers and hats off to 2018!