Adam Pagano the first mate 

A nice Italian boy from Jersey (yes, they do exist), Adam is a refreshing break from the stereotype (thanks MTV). That is, he has actual talent, intellect, and an appreciation for more than spray tans and bicep curls.

Street Cred:
A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, Adam left upstate New York with a BFA and a blank canvas. He took it to Rhode Island, refining his talents further at RISD. Adam’s parlay into photography began as a romantic gesture – he wanted to spend more time with his newfound love interest. That, and it was kind of like having date night with a free dinner out. Win-win. Once Azure turned from cool idea to fast-paced reality, Adam became the right hand man to his leading lady with the lens. A 2013 visit to Downtown McKinney secured their future as Texans and the rest is history.

Hobbies and Interests:
• The outdoors: camping, hiking, kayaking, Yeti-taming, you name it
• A true child of the 80's, Adam’s imaginary best friends include Indiana Jones, Optimus Prime and Yoda
• Mangia! Staying true to his Italian ancestry, Adam can often be found creating palate-humbling culinary creations
• Hops, grapes and grains: he loves visiting microbreweries, distilleries and local vineyards
• Favorite city: NOLA (aka The Big Easy, Nawlins, etc.) 
• On his ipod: the rock trifecta (classic, punk, and alt), and of course, the Rat Pack