Christie Connell  aka the boss

Bold, sassy and always ready for an adventure. Words that best describe both Christie, and her fun, ever-evolving hair. What she brings to the table (besides an occasional glass of wine) can be broken down into the following:

Street Cred:
Having always loved the art form, Christie was classically trained in medium format photography. After earning a dual degree from Providence College in psychology and photography (she’ll get inside your head as she captures a few candids), she pursued further studies at Rhode Island School of Design. In 2006, Christie decided to start her own photography studio, and Azure was born. The life altering move from the smallest state to the (2nd) largest state came in 2013 when Christie and Adam fell in love with Downtown McKinney.

Career highlights: 
As a die-hard Patriots fan, Christie had been a team photographer for the New England Patriots until they moved to Cowboy Nation. Yes ladies, she was that close to Tom and Gronk. Repeatedly. Have no fear, she has also had the pleasure of photographing Tony too. One more reason to know her.

Hobbies and Interests:
• In her next life, she’ll be a food critic (Christie loves eating and drinking)
• A Rhode Island native, Christie surprisingly loves to travel. TX Hill Country and Wyoming top her list of destinations. 
• On her ipod: everything from JT to Patsy Cline to Jason Isbell
• Loves acronyms such as GOT, TWD, LOTR, you get the picture
• Dunkin or Starbucks? Venti please. 
• Bourbon of choice: Maker's Mark
• Chicken or fish? STEAK.
• Anthrolpologie (the store, not the science) 
• Christie still sleeps with a Puffalump. Yes, a Puffalump. (for you kiddos born after 1986, google it)
• Biggest fear: the zombie apocalypse (oh it’s gonna happen)